February 19, 2009


Dear Chloe Choo Ying Ying,

I read your text message and i couldn't believe my eyes. How could i have messed up again? I knew you'd accept my apology but i would like to do something else for you to make up for my mistake. A token of gratitude for your forgiveness, so to speak. As such, i have decided to clear all debts under your name. As of this moment, you no longer owe me the following;
-an outing since February 2007

I trust that you can overlook my mistake as i have overlooked your 24 months debt.

Kok Mei Li

P.s.: I have attached a copy of your text message below for your easy reference.

"Darling, it's tomorrow la! -.-" last year, you were a week early.
This year, you're a DAY early. o_o"


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