July 18, 2010

A Third Hacker??

Took me a while to recall, but I've finally breached the security barriers.

I hacker 3 has come to give an update on the hostage situation. We've recently imported frogs and rats in addition to the roaches. Also, I've exterminated my other 2 hackers so I could get the whole share instead of splitting em.

Uh oh, she's regaining conscious... *bonk*

That'll be all.......


July 15, 2010

BOOGA BOOGA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey all!!!
Just so you know, this ain't melili but 2 master hackers world geniuses.

what up what up yo! this is master hacker 2 and that was master hacker 1, yo! what up, y'all????

Yes! So we shall update this run down, dead and dying, decomposing blog.
I know, makes me sad since I am a pretty avid blogger.
Just for everyone's information, meili is tied up and gaged behind me and my partner in crime.
She is not consious and is in a great amount of pain.
We shall release the roaches on her if you do not comment on this post.

thats right! prepare for trouble and make it double! to protect the world from meili's laziness! to unite all hackers within our nation!
hacker 1!
hacker 2!
hackers blast off at the speed of light!
surrender now or prepare to digi-cyber battle!
Rrrawr, thats right!!


As you have seen, do not test our patience or we shall release our wrath on this
not so innocent girl.

if you are reading this and want to save your precious meili, bring RM7, 593, 241.50 to L.O.P, that's Look-Out Point for your information. we'll be waiting. bring the goods!!!

I got nothing to say now so I shall continue torture on this girl. Buahahahahahahah!