January 8, 2009

Yee Jin

18 random facts about Yee Jin

1. We first met when we were 12 years old. I was late for band practice and practically ran straight into him. First impression huh? *shudders*

2. We became friends despite the accident and he asked me to be his pet sister while we were running away from Melissa!! XD But seriously, can the world get any smaller?

That's me, Yee Jin and Mel 5 years after that incident.
3. We didn't annoy Mel with our annoying-ness no more. *blinks innocently*

4. We both joined choral speaking which was really where our friendship started to develop.

5. Throughout the years, there were lots of rumours that we were together. Not that we heard any of them cause we're really outdated we just don't give a damn. *smirks*

Jin bodoh laaaa. -.-'

6. Throughout the years, there were also lots of fights but it definately strenghtened our bond. After all, blood is thicker than water yada yada right?

7. Plus the fact that he has been my pet brother for 7 years!! Just had to mention that cause it's my favourite number. *smiles cheesily*

Aiyerrrr. XD
8. We were classmates in Form 4 and Form 5 so we definitely hung out way more often.

No Desk Appreciation Day. Babi, sakit buntut weih. ZOMG IT RHYMES -.-'

9. Hanging out which also included moments that we got really high (on chocolate buns that we bought every morning perhaps?) and definately lots of LIGHT SABER FIGHTS!!

Chocolate buns~ Not to be confused with choco party. (inside joke)

10. And lots of trouble.. We once got into trouble with Puan Sheela during English but it wasn't because of a light saber fight. Nuh-uh. It was actually a sword fight.

11. yEe jiN iS laLa oRhX~ v(o^^o)v

Nah, just kidding. XD
12. Yee Jin is heavyy.

Like, seriously.

13. Plus, he totally thinks that he has a killer smile. *rolls eyes*

I have photographic proof, nyahaha!!

14. With that killer smile (or lack thereof), there's obviously no surprise that he camwhores.

Mind you, it was 3 in the morning..

15. And he also gets really high with me!! *screams*

3:19 to be precise. XD

16. I'll never forget that night.

17. It's his birthday todayy!! And he called twenty thousand times while i was in the shower just cause he had free calls. *laughs weakly*


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