December 26, 2008


I think it's safe to say that everyone loves Christmas, no? The Christmas decorations ZOMG I HAVE A CHRISTMAS TREE FETISH, Christmas carols and just the spirit of Christmas!! Don't ask me to define the spirit of Christmas though. I'd like to think that everyone has this Santa kawaii-ness to them during Christmas but hey, that's just me. *laughs bimbotically*

Did i mention that people get unhealthily high during Christmas? Or maybe it's just Berenice and i again. I think it started with the working out cause after that, my abs were aching mostly cause of laughing too much. In fact, by midnight i was sprawled out on the floor laughing while trying to update my blog, sing two lines of The Man Who Can't Be Moved and argue with her over worx, worz and orhx simultaneously. This is what we managed to type out;

sy anyhing hha HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHhahahha nt bad not bad i've been t the year 30000 it me to the fuure nd i saw everothing hello mla lalmalay by guy man woman hey ow bouti chat with you here?? =] smiley abe babh babah babeh!! imNAI imaine that we are mute oiiink oi tethernw emoooo emogooooooooo i do't know i don't know yeah weih i'm getting good at this wn woudnl't woudn't wouldn't you agre? greeeee agerr agreee berenc3 bereni berenice emo be i nice be noecoenonononononono gg5 ggfied ggfying od lou loud ae t

no 04h

youre so prizing is tomorrow what the hell is priingou weyeys were so7ndtrck f mty sumeru're nienoy ohe ou'll a;ways b myundder nohing *does nin thingy* indin , dust proof! nothing will affect it1 virtually invincibl wter bottle nothing's coming nohing nuttin nothig nothing

rain rainisn rinsimn rainism egooooo emoooooo egggogo gg take it nd go emo nd go aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa i was crazy of tis abcdeffghlhilhijklmnopqstuvwxyz

meili s cray worxxxx :Dorhx nononon worzzzzrhx lala me is miss euu worzzz !!!orx la nonono worzzz! orhx nonou uiuicuj cuisytcuuhcidyxgyssta nothing's oming and you spoiling my sexy kyboard worxx!^^ you xhecheated NO you seee wrongly!! lemespamme you spasm? wut?? hahaahahahahahahahahahhhahahahahahhthis is real this me wrx

s yeah we we fr supper and i hd vanilla shake ad she had watrmelon juice and thenwe ent to gylang butno gayworx i mean orhx how come? =[ so then she want to ee so she pee in the tupperware ith biscuits and the biscuitsabsorbed the pee so geng hor? butvery smelly but liucky nobdy fang pi i ntmore smelly ahahahaha i o brush teeth now savvy?

siicoe silicone silicon your mama dnt now imm a sexy mama this i rea thi is me exactly wherei'm supposed to be na let the lig SHINE ONME

After supper (which i mentioned in paragraph 6 *points above*), all 5 of us went to Bertrand's room to watch videos till about 4.30 in the morning. Bryan went off to sleep so the remaining 4 of us played Bridge till we started zombie-fying at about 6 in the morning. We finally went to bed and just as i was about to fall asleep, kor's alarm started ringing!! Shyeah, Merry Christmas. XD

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