August 1, 2008

Happy Friendship Day

Lum Huey Shan My best friend, long lost twin, partner-in-crime and other half.

Melissa Ting

My best friend and the nanny sister i never had.

Evon Tan

My best friend from gym who knows too much.

Wan Siti HanizaMy best friend from gym since waaaay back.

Chloe Choo

My best friend from ballet who lalalaloves me.

Lim Yee Jin

My pet brother for 6 years and counting.

Chester Chong

My pet brother and little American boy.

Low Qi Jun

My mummy and deskmate who makes me hyper.

Alex Cheah

Someone who's always there for me especially during cheer.

Speaking of cheer, how can i forget JUSE?

Jasmine Chan

Jas, my little gangster and who meets me in the toilet every morning.

Chan Pui Ying

Py, close friend and even closer after cheer.

Skye Chow

Sky, my charming little sister who goes crazy with me.

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