June 13, 2008

OMG, Melissa Ting!!

Mel!! your exam has ended right? right. so now you have lots of time to drop by and read my random stuff while i'm still random cause i'm not random for long yea right you're ALWAYS random but you know, no you don't know cause i haven't told you so imma tell you now!! oh wait, can't remember what i was gonna tell you.. by the way, this post is gonna be deleted soon as well so you better come and read it soon!! mmm, time to start spamming in someone's shout box~ someTWO's shout box!! cause i've got two best friends!! one is you (duh) and one is her *points to the name belooooooow* (duh) okay, this is getting out of hand.. are there like any anti-randomness pills!! invent some Mel!! poo poo pills are useless lor okay? XD

p.s- i like p.s-ing, nyahahaha!! oh hell, i so need the perfectionist back or i'll go crazy~!! who? me. you. yeap. SIGNING OUT!! LOL, that was so lame.. it's not like i'm gonna sign out after this right? right. so i'm not gonna say signing out.. please click on the button that says publish post. *clicks on the button that says publish post* tomorrow, please click on the button that says delete post. *clicks on the button that says delete post tomorrow* XD

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