June 11, 2008

The date is June 11th, 2008

I've updated my blog!! *bangga*

OMG, i FINALLY get what you said!! I kept clicking about thinking it’ll link me somewhere else.. XD anyway, i’m not gonna try to advise you against it or anything.. I know that i go through similar phases at times and i just need someone to LISTEN and hear me out instead of critisizing me or giving endless reasons against it.. But as your best friend- and your darling!!- i just want you to think it over before you act on it.. More importantly, make sure you’ve made up your mind before you consult your parents for i fear they may not be that supportive.. It may be spur of the moment or a solid decision, i’ll never know.. But i just want you to know that i’ll be here by your side no matter what you do.. Our roads may diverge but our paths will always cross..

Mei Li is random, hell yeah!! XD

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