July 5, 2008

Low Qi Jun

She labelled our cups!! *squeals*

Daphne Low Qi Jun. 17. Mother of two and a fish. XD

I'd normally name everyone in a photo but i'm just gonna make this easier for you and me; group photo.

OMG, playing Twister with four people at once is crazy tough!! Even the 'gymnast' was having a hard time.. Go figure. *smirks*

The birthday girl was under me, i swear.. -.-'

I bet someone wanted to kick me off cause i was on the slide with 'Yee Jin kor kor'!! *runs away laughing*

Playground. I guess you can tell that i'm getting lazy already huh? XD


Because you're my mummy who sings Korean songs (even when you sound nasal) and makes me laugh with your amplified muffled laughter and PUNS!! XD


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