February 14, 2008

Valentine's Day

List of things i love today (in chronological order, of course)
1. Jay Chou concert tickets worth RM398!! *screams*
2. morning stroll with my valentine.. <3
3. Pui Ying's LOUD valentine greeting
5. Huey Shan's hilarious greeting to the principal~ XD
6. Qi Jun's cute ponytail
7. card, sweets, chocolates and all that good stuff
8. Yee Jin's patness
9. the darlings' study session!! Shan and i are so senseless and when we're together our senselessness is so senseless LOOOOL cakgu, emergency meeting!! *dies laughing*
10. my add maths teacher a.k.a Uncle Ta Sei Lei
11. MELISSA TING called!! she's so special she gets to talk to me while i'm wearing my competition leotard and talking so sensibly i make sense out of no sense at all!! *smiles cheesily*
12. the Prime Minister cause he had to set the election of the friggin' competition day
13. Chloe Choo cause she's my valentine #2 and my gay thong thief.. *hearts*
14. the next call i'm gonna make cause i'm gonna call Huey Shan and bug her about her promise to take me to the pasar malam for lok lok!! *grins*

Happy Valentine's Day!!

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